Barbara Boloix Gallardo, guest at the Conference Cycle “Nisa al-Andalus: historical reflections on women in al-Andalus” (Arab House, Cordoba, 25 October 2018)

Bárbara Boloix Gallardo will participate on October 25th in the conference cycle”Nisa al-Andalus: historical reflections on women in al-Andalus” organized by Casa Arab de Córdoba between March and November 2018. In his lecture, which will be titled “Life, entity and identity of the Nasrid royal woman: the Sultanas de la Alhambra”, NAZAMER’s PI will address different vital aspects of this group of women, including their ethnic and religious identities, the particularities of the onomatic traditions in which their names were inserted, the roles they played in the Nasrid court, their presence in the Alhambra or their influence on the history of the Kingdom of Granada, among other topics.

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Publication by Alejandro Pérez Ordóñez on Andalusian housing


Alejandro Pérez Ordóñez, invited to the XII Appointment with the Archaeology of Malaga to talk about Andalusian housing


Last Saturday, September 28, 2018, Desirée López Bernal, a member of the NAZAMER project’s team, participated as a speaker in the IV edition of the International Symposium New Researchers and New Research in Arab and Islamic Studies, organized by the Area of

Manuscrito de la obra Ḥadīṯ Bayāḍ wa-Riyāḍ (s. XIII). Biblioteca Apostólica, El Vaticano

Arab and Islamic Studies of the Department of Integrated Philologies of the University of Alicante and held, one more year, at the Headquarters of the University of Alicante in La Nucía. The presentation presented was titled “Women in ibn ʿĀṣim’s Ḥadāʾiq al-azehir: from the elite to the plain, mocking and mocked people” and throughout it was intended to highlight the potential of this important work of XIV -XV-century Nasrid literature in terms of the study of women.

Among the topics addressed at the conference is the degree of visibility of women in this work, where, unlike others of the genre (the adab),we do not find chapters specifically intended for stories and news about them. Also presented were the different types of female characters with which it is possible to encounter throughout the “orchards” in which it subdivides the content of the work, taking into account its social category, being of particular interest the data relating to women of the flat people and their daily lives. Finally, the final part of the presentation focused on the study of females from an interesting perspective: that of humor, analyzing the behavior and role of women as mockers and taunts, as well as the jokes made by both women and men about them offered by the work.

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