Lecture by Bárbara Boloix on “The Last Female World of al-Andalus: Nasrid Women”


This Friday, May 14 (6:00 pm), Bárbara Boloix will give a lecture on “The Last Female World of al-Andalus: Nasrid Women,” within the Seminar “Women through Law and Family Codes: Legal Tradition and Current Problematics,” organized by the Area of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Alicante. In this lecture, the Main Researcher of our Project will address the ways of life of the Nasrid women, taking into account both the gender criteria and the multiple factors that determined their existence throughout the history of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada (13th-15th centuries).

Information and Program: https://ieg.ua.es/es/documentos/seminarios/seminario-las-mujeres-a-traves-del-derecho.pdf

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